Moss Code Vs. The Illuminati

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Image: Filip Filkovic

The government has thrown public services to the dogs. Adult education – so key, so vital – has been cut to the bone. This is the scenery. Is it possible to rock up in Moss Side with a laptop and big ideas and expect it to run smoothly? Is it?

Into the gap vacated by the State, where infrastructure and law centres and libraries should be, tales of Illuminati conspiracy run rampant.

When I first realised the anti-science whispering that proliferates on social media is taken seriously by many, I bristled – but who should take a bullet? Not ordinary people, struggling to make sense of the world while on the run between benefit sanctions and food banks. I have asked:

How does a community that had really been the object of scientific and medical scrutiny for generations — with really negative outcomes — come to see science and technology as a positive thing, or something that can be used for self-knowledge and liberation?

I now understand that this is an opportunity for discussion and broader, better teaching. Here’s an example of the confusion fermenting in private WhatsApp groups and other such channels:


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