Hello, Fellow

I’m a Winston Churchill Fellow

Congratulations? Why, thank you! I’ve quietly acknowledged it thus far with a Buddhist monk’s lack of excess but as the surprisingly summer-like Summer ticks along, I think I’m going to let my hair down.

It’s both this tremendous, thrilling opportunity and a mixed bag that creates ambivalences and internal torsion. There – said it. This is something I can only resolve by being blunt. I will get to that, later.

So, what is this thing?

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust enable good works at home by facilitating people with great ideas to travel abroad. We learn, bring back fresh ideas and share them in our communities, making a difference as best we can.

What I’m doing

I’m on a mission. You know my mission, right?

This project takes me to Nigeria to study fractals and how they manifest in West African culture.

What’s a fractal?

A self-repeating pattern you sometimes see on the back of seashells in nature. Or projected onto grimy nightclub walls while the bass speaker batters your ringing ears at a rave after dark.


Discovered in Europe in the 18th Century, it turns out they’ve been manifest and deeply inter-woven in West African architecture, clothing – and hairstyles – for millennia. The self-referential data structure at the heart of this design is the basis of modern computing.

You can’t be what you can’t see

I’m going to bring back what I learn and teach it in Moss Side. Fractals in hair and hip-hop are culturally-relevant entrĂ©es in to computer science. Seeing yourself reflected back in the world matters.

I see you, though.